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A Beginner’s Guide To Tarot


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Introduction to Tarot

Learn about the structure of the tarot deck, the meanings of the major acana cards, the pip cards with their four suits, the court cards, and how to use your intuition to interpret the cards.
Introduction to Tarot


Let psycology student and experienced tarot reader Tina guide you on the fool’s journey through life and self-discovery. Tina will teach you all about how tarot works as a tool for self-awareness and tapping into your inner guidance system. She will not only explain the basic meanings of the cards but also how to read intuitively and build your trust in your own interpretations of the cards. At the end of this course you will have a strong foundational understanding of how to build your own tarot practice for inner healing, intuitive guidance, and a deeper connection with your inner self.

What to learn?

Explore the meanings of the major arcana cards Learn the basic aspects of the minor acana or pip cards Discover how to intuitively read and interpret the cards Understand how tarot works as a tool for self-discovery


  • A tarot deck
  • A notepad and pen

Target Audience

  • People who want to learn how to read tarot
  • People who want to tap into their intuition and inner guidance
  • People who want a proven tool to develop self-awareness


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Material Includes

  • Expert tuition on the basics of reading tarot